Big Island Hawaii Locations

Just got back from the Big Island — the name folks in the state of Hawaii give to the island of Hawaii. It’s bigger than all the rest of the state put together and also the point of lowest latitude in the whole US of A.

For a photographer, there’s lots to like about the Big Island: active volcano, great beaches, a multitude of climates and altitudes. Having regular lava flows into the ocean has also created some intriguing black sand beaches.

Rainbow Falls, Hilo

Rainbow Falls is on the west side of Hilo

Kohala Coast Hapuna Beach Park Hapuna Beach Park

Father and Daughter, Hapuna Beach Park

Father and Daughter: Hapuna Beach Park, North Kohala

Hapuna Beach Park

This southern section of Hapuna Beach Park is a great spot for snorkeling. But the area leading out to the coral has plenty of underwater lava.

Waipio Valley OverlookWaipio Valley Overlook

Tidal Pool

Tidal Pool: Part of the Hilton complex in the North Kohala area

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach is at the bottom west side of the island. The warm sand is a favorite spot for sea turtles.

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