My book on photographing the Utah National Parks gets a review in Outdoor Photography Magazine

On the way back from my photo tour of Italy and Greece, I stopped off at Gatwick Airport in London. Lo and behold, they had the August issue of Outdoor Photography magazine — and a review of my Utah landscape photography book. I won’t try to characterize what they said. But here’s a scan of it on page 11 of their “Out There: In Print” section:


Outdoor Photography is the premiere landscape photography magazine in the UK. That’s why their link is to the UK Amazon site and the price is in British Pounds. The link for the American version of Amazon is here: 

Obviously it was a total kick to see my book get a sweet review. As a writer, you never know if folks will get what you’re trying to do. But feedback from reviews and the comments I’ve gotten from photographer friends is essential.

As I focus in on the next book, one of my goals is to put some notes and photos on the new work up on this blog. So those of you who are reading, feel free to share any comments or additional ideas here. And if I’m posting shots of a particular spot on my travels, share your own work if it’s appropriate. Part of what I try to do is share the travel locations that are prime candidates for shooting. And I’m always trying to flush out new spots.

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