Venice: Using the Key Landmarks

St Mark’s Square and the Rialto can also be great locations in the evening. But again the timing is essential. Both places are still jammed at dinner time. But hold off until 9 or 10 pm and you can get great mood shots.


This one was taken at a shutter speed of .8 seconds so the folks on the left are dancing home and the people in chairs seem more substantial. Just down from here is the Doge’s Palace:


Using leading lines to tell the story. The patterns in the building and walkway take the eye into the image and provide a formal context. The solo woman plays off of that formality. You can see there’s still some folks over to the right where a small orchestra is playing but I moved away from that distraction for the shot.

The Rialto Bridge is also a great photo location at night.


The gondola shot is taken from a bridge on the Riva degli Schiavoni looking towards the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and not far from the Bridge of Sighs. I lightened up the exposure for the couple under the light and the folks in the gondolas.

Night time shooting is always a great tool But it’s especially useful in a place like Venice. It allows you to avoid the clutter and seaminess that every city has. And it makes great use of the moody lighting and the water. Suddenly the people relax and the place becomes the star again.

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