On doing shot location rundowns

Foto-graphers:  …I sometimes stop by Bryan Carnathan’s Canon review/blog site. Besides the best Canon equipment reviews in the business, his photographer’s field shot-location studies add some depth to the landscape-photo world discussion. >>> The link below is one of his more in-depth pieces.

His style is formal (and it gets technical in the middle) but he gets into useful ideas in terms of his approach to a new photo location. Check it out.

I’ve been doing this kind of writing as well — so look for something soon on this site covering my trip to Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur. These two coastal spots have amazing photo locations. The Central Coast offers the most artistic variety you’ll find on the entire the Cali shore ecosystem.

I’ll be using my Central Coast writing to explore the nexus of nature, art and experience.  I’ve been doing lots of writing and photo work, a week in Arizona and two months later one in Monterey/Big Sur. And I plan to come back to both parts of the country more often and deeply in the next few months. The challenge being to pull together a writing style that can resonate with that landscape  — and the intuitions of the photographer.

I’m talking about specifically  about writing pieces where I visit a  complex shoreline park or a pull-out along the road and then walk through that place as a moment of Nature and human experience flowing together.

The-Digital-Picture.com’s news team presents: How to Potentially Double Your Volume of Great Low Light Land/Cityscape Images

Source: How to Potentially Double Your Volume of Great Low Light Land/Cityscape Images

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