Bumble Bee and Coneflower

I like this blog. Bear Woods comes up with lots of good shots. And more interesting for me, his images are just the tip of the iceberg for his deeper content, the interactions of a photographer with the life around him.

This approach, writing about one’s interactions with life through photography, using the art form as a lens for Seeing, is what I’m going for these days.

It’s a style of blogging and photographing (and living as an artist) I’ve been exploring more and more. I think it began with that piece I wrote in the Arches, Canyonlands book that I called “Secret of False Kiva,” And I don’t know how many folks who bought the book even read it.

But that was the first piece I wrote whose subject was me living my life through the practice of photography. Kiva was my fascination with getting this shot in Canyhonlands, False Kiva, and how that artistic exploration led me to realize some stuff about myself as an enthusiast/artist who is out in nature.

And since I’ve been researching the new book, Sacred Southwest, that more personal style has been the goal…. living the experience of a writer/ photographer in long-form blog style. That’s also the motivating force in why I’ve been talking with so many amazing folks on the reservations, tourist shop workers and Monument Valley guides, health care workers, Katsina and pottery artists.

I’m never going to get all these interactions into the blog pieces (or eventual book). And there’s no way I can fully portray in my writing the true quality of the folks I’m running into — or the nuances of the intriguing cultures of our Southwest. But I think some good will come of it all the same.

Canyon de Muerto, Canyon de Chelly

Canyon del Muerto, Canyon de Chelly National Monument

So I’m not taking my blogging in quite the Bear Woods direction (understatement alert), but it’s useful to appreciate another celebrant.

Bear Woods Happenings

Bumble Bee 072616a copy

Bumble bee and Coneflower.
Our coneflowers are blooming in great numbers this year. We keep thinning them and spreading them out. They now cover several areas of the gardens. The bees love them. Yesterday it clouded up a little and the light was perfect to go capture a few images of the bees. These little Bumble bees and our Honey bees get along okay and we don’t have angry bees out here. We do have some large Hornets that will come and catch a bee or butterfly though. I found a spot in the coneflowers that the bee was surrounded by great color. I used to always use Manual Focus for this type of shot but the Tamron SP 90mm macro lens is so fast at focus, I shoot in AF often now. It is so much easier!
Tamron SP 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro lens…

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