Viewbug’s Landscapes of the Year

Viewbug is a bit like Flikr but for enthusiasts and pros. I don’t do much on the site because you have to choose where your attention goes. But they show lots of good work. Recently they posted a year-end roundup of Best of Landscape Photos. The page is definitely worth a visit. Here are a few folks doing interesting work.


Andrea Celli

You can’t look at Italy landscape photos without seeing a lot of Tuscan hilltop shots. Usually golden hour, usually with a glow of warm wine. And I’m not sure why I like this softer glow version of the theme from Andrea, but I do. Another shot from Andrea…


Daniel Kordan

This iceberg shot from Daniel is supremely simple, ice and sunset. But the mirroring of the sky and ice in the water is 2/3 of the image. That creates a kind of buoyancy. And that texturing of color you get in the sky, you can warm yourself on the colors. Another one from Daniel.


The snake under the Ra Gusela” by outdoorphotodream

This landscape from Outdoorphotodream uses the lights of cars on the road to show the snake-like two lane road. The car lights seem almost neon compared to the mute snowscape.


“Lone Tree in Hayden Valley” by DancingAspensPhotography

Flatness, curves, tree, sky. Simple.


“The Steaming Baltic Sea” by Richard-Beresford-Harris

Contrasting textures. The photographer has made the evening sky a light, rich texture. The boat and ice in the foreground are edgy, mute — all sharpness and clarity.  And there’s that blue-white triangle around the boat contrasting with the triangle of warm red at upper left. Another by Richard.


“07 – speak-to-me” by werol

Another long exposure. No idea where this was taken but the shutter speed is slow enough to turn the waves into shining glass. Another Werol.


“Magic woods” by valdi

Woods are always tough. But Valdi gives the eye some clues as to how to step into the image. The rough branches in front and the light at center-left are a clear path; on either side, the tree branches twist in the darker mist. Another by Valdi.


“Illuminated Cove, Malin Head” by markAPR

A cove leading out into sunset, Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland. Slow shutter speed, colors that are highly controlled but not overly saturated. He seems to kept the shutter open about 3 minutes. Another by Mark.


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