People Shots, Fairfax Farmers Market

I generally avoid Fairfax Avenue at all costs unless we’re seeing a show at LACMA. This area’s got some of the worst traffic in town, the streets are full of potholes, etc. But LACMA has a couple of good exhibits every year and its own iconic shots, including this one.


So if we’re in the area anyway, I will often head east a few blocks to do people shots at the Fairfax Farmers Market and The Grove.

Yes, parking in that area is even worse than the traffic. And the Farmers Market is grossly expensive even by LA tourist standards. But the ratty little alleys of the “Original Farmers Market” make for some neat shots if you deal with lighting issues.

Fairfax Farmers market

Fairfax Farmers market

Fairfax Farmers market

A lot of the charm is the character studies you can do.

Fairfax Farmers market

The Grove

Plus right next to the market is The Grove, with its own cast of characters. The Grove is so Uber-LA, so, “Let’s do lunch,” too perfect for words. But that’s OK.  And on this February day, lot of folks were enjoying the sun. My job was to capture the moment, that sense of pure engagement.

The Grove

The Grove

The Grove

The Actress

So come on down. It’s a great place to hang. But try to avoid the area on weekends.

Fairfax Farmers market



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