Will it be there?

Good shot from Bear Woods … and a nicely written “rant” on film vs digital.

Bear Woods Happenings

Will it be there?
I am headed in the near future to Apalachicola for some work and it has me reflecting on sights I have seen and whether they will still be there when I return. Recently Florida announced the allocation of funds to clean up the abandoned boats around Apalachicola. I understand the need to do that but they sure were great subjects for some images. There are plenty of other things to shoot down there beyond abandoned boats, so it will be fun searching for a few additional things to use as subjects.
Now for a short rant. Recently a new photographer with 3 or 4 years experience, the name is unimportant, made the statement about shooting film vs. digital and how film makes you actually a better photographer. Why? Because you have to select apertures, shutter speeds, ISOs, focus and compose as opposed to digital…

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