When to Shoot Vertical or Horizontal?

Short piece by Bear woods on vertical vs horizontal.

Bear Woods Happenings

When to shoot vertical or horizontal?
When I am out photographing, I am all about the composition of an image. In my mind I place elements an a scene to fit what I am visualizing an image to look like at its completion. Often I see those elements fitting as a vertical image. Vertical images are almost counter to our regular camera vision because of the placement of controls on a camera. I approach a scene as to how I “see” it, but then I remember the wallet in my pocket could use more money and I think about potential clients and sales. I may see the scene vertically, but a potential calendar may need a horizontal image. With digital photography, the cost of producing a second image horizontally is very small, actually only the investment of time to accomplish it is needed. I will flip the camera to…

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