Location Scouting

Nice blog piece on doing location scouting for a future photograph. (Click on link or image.)

Here are a few excerpts:

“… understanding your subject better will improve your photographs of that subject. This is true for all kinds of photography (wildlife, architectural, portrait), and landscapes are no exception. Location scouting is the process of getting to know a particular landscape better, and is an important aspect of improving your landscape photography.”

“For landscapes, there are three major elements I’m thinking about combining to create my composition—background, mid-ground, and foreground. The goal of scouting is to essentially find each of these elements that you want to add together to create a potential composition.”

“If the lighting is great while you’re there, wonderful. You may luck out and get your ideal photo of that location. But more often than not, it helps to think about other times or seasons in which to capture the scene.”

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