Electric Skies Over Jasper

Another cool image from Dan Jurak. He seems to be located in Alberta, he’s worth looking at.

Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog

aurora borealis, northern lights, aurora, Jasper, rockys, mountains, Athabasca River, night sky, Canada, Alberta, Landscape

It’s mid-afternoon as I sit at the iMac to write this. I never nap. Ever but I just had a nap this afternoon.

Yesterday, Friday, I thought might be a good night to try my hand again at photographing the milky way. The moon wouldn’t rise till it was just about daylight which meant that the night sky would be dark enough to help with capturing lots of detail with the densest part of the milky way that we see in the northern hemisphere.

The only thing keeping me from making the four hour drive to Jasper National Park would be the weather. After checking with every weather forecast website that I knew and getting advice from a real meteorologist it looked like there would be a window of cloudlessness from 8:00 pm until 7:00 am the following morning.

Rather than detail all that transpired I will cut to the…

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