Paint by numbers photography or why you shouldn’t play follow the leader

Dan Jurak nailed it with tis post. Because it’s true that there are lots of obvious trends that everyone seems to follow, the super long exposures of water, the overuse of Clarity to juice up the drama. I’m sure we’ve all seen it. Not to say you shouldn’t try out different looks and techniques. That’s part of exploration. But finding a look that has your DNA on it, that’s the hard part.

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There is a trend in landscape photography.

I have a couple of daughters in university. Both are taking genetics, biology, etc. and as a result we sometimes talk about what they learn in school.

One of the things that we have talked about is genetic diversity. You see the more diverse the gene pool is of any species the healthier it is. It is by being different that we are better able to survive.

Many years ago in North America, Dutch Elm Disease was introduced to the continent. Hundreds of thousand of elm trees across the the United States and Canada died. The elm trees, American Elms had no resistance to the disease and easily succumbed to it. Here in Edmonton as a result, our city has purposely planted a variety of trees to prevent the same thing occurring here again. Diversity in biology is a good thing.

I recently received…

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