“Got Bugs?”

Bear Woods has been doing some fun shots of the birds feeding their newly hatched chicks.

Bear Woods Happenings

“Got Bugs?”
I spent some time at the American Redstart nest yesterday morning after the rain stopped. Lighting under a canopy of trees on a cloudy day can be a challenge, but it can also offer nice lower contrast light. In order to maintain a decent shutter speed over 1/250th of a second for stopping action and to get a little more depth of field with f8, most of the time my ISO was over 2500. Thank goodness the Nikon D-500 handles low light so well. I set up my tripod and gimbal with a nice view of the nest and would just wait for the adults to come into feed the babies. Mom comes in, feeds and leaves quickly most of the time. Dad will feed and hang out for a few additional seconds usually. I waited to capture this image where a baby was looking up at…

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