More Cute Fawn Overload!

Another painfully cute fawn pic from Bear Woods. And as always, excellent composition. His focus point is the center fawn, most probably on the baby’s eye. Aperture is set to f-8. So the fawn next to it is still in relative focus. But with the telephoto effect, the third fawn is clearly seen (and looks closer than it is in reality) but in soft focus — which I like since the creature is drifting into sleep.

Bear Woods Happenings

More Cute Fawn Overload!
I took a one day hiatus from the cute fawn overload, but they are back for another day. These 3 took turns napping while one would stay on alert. That is common among herd animals for their safety and protection. This was the rare moment when all 3 were mostly awake, the one in the back is fading quickly again.
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