Photography is about feeling and sharing

A personal blog post from Pierre P. His more recent photos have been on Lyon, his home city — it’s always interesting to see how a photo person sees their own home turf.

Pierre P. Photography

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When I was around 8, my parents bought me my first camera. It was a disposable camera, that I used to take photos of my little brother, my grandparents, and also on a trip to the Alps. Back then, you had to develop the films before enjoying the results of your efforts.

Then, later, I was offered my first digital camera. I remember it well : it was for my first school trip abroad, to the UK. I was not that fond of photography back then, but I enjoyed trying to get some nice compositions.

The first time I really found myself enjoying photography was around my twentieth year I still had that old Olympus of mine that was as easy to use as a car without steering wheel. I didn’t know anything about photography, composition, light, and so on. I just wanted to take pictures of what…

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