Under a Night Sky

Nice post of northern lights shoot. Dan captures the feel you get shooting at night. The image is more intriguing than the usual aurora shot, the foreground structures seem centuries old in that weird light. The aurora itself is less defined than the usual, maybe a bit misty.

Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog

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For whatever reason my interest in the night sky has returned. I have dabbled off and on with it for a little while but it was more out of trying something new and seeing what I could make of it.

The past couple of weeks has had me watching aurora forecasts on the internet. When the forecast looked good the night sky around here seemed to get clouded over obscuring the northern lights.

Tuesday night, last night things didn’t look promising early on but I kept checking to see if things would change if only because the skies were supposed to be cloudless through most of the evening. Around 10:00 p.m. an hour after the sun had gone down there was still a bit of light on the western horizon and I figured that I would at the very least go for a short drive in the country. If nothing…

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