Living off of the low hanging fruit? It’s not any sweeter.

Some good insights on photo gear from Dan Jurak. There’s way too much pressure to buy the latest — as if a $3000 gear purchase somehow improves a person’a artistry. That fence post shot he did with that old camera is proof that it’s the photographer and not the camera. (On the other hand, look at the EXIF data on the file, the resolution level for the fence post file is tiny.) Regardless, someone’s who’s learning is better off using a camera body that’s several generations back and upgrading when enhanced features make the upgrade a step forward.

Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog

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The days have become shorter up here. Today a cloudy grey sky and a predicted high of -7 Celsius is forecast. It’s gloomy outside and some people find weather like this depressing. Call me weird but I find peace and tranquility when the skies are heavy. The landscape is easier on the eye. Shadows are soft or non-existent today.

Lately I have been going back over some very old photos from when I picked up landscapes again. Today is from 2007 and was taken with a now ancient Canon Rebel XTi.

I have attached a screen of the IPTC data just to show that although it is nice to have a high end camera and lens it really isn’t necessary. A Facebook group that I belong to has almost every day a post asking about what is the best camera, lens, tripod, etc. to buy and almost always someone pipes…

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