I’m a professional writer and a landscape photographer with a particular interest in using the two mediums to evoke deeper experience. Clearly landscape photography (and before that, landscape painting) has a tradition of delivering human experience within a more mythic frame. The Hudson River School of painting is an obvious touchstone, the spare  Chinese landscape paintings of a thousand years ago as well. In the modern world, master photographers like Ansel Adams and David Muench have carried that tradition forward using the photograph.

But few photographers do much with the written word. My background as a professional writer gives me that added tool in sharing the connection between Nature and the inner landscape.

My two photography/travel books are a first step in this direction. They use the vocabulary of light and art as a way of helping enthusiasts see the iconic Utah National Parks in a more complex way (though not with too much technical language). I figure if a person can start to see these grand vistas as an artist does, then some of the magic may rub off. This blog is also a kind of personal journal/workbook for this exploration.

My current books are available in softcover or ebook available at Amazon and the other on-line bookstores. Here are the links:

Photographing Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

Photographing Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks

My photo web site is at for those interested in owning an original work of mine.

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