Sam Boardman SP and the Southern Beaches

The very bottom of the state has some of the most impressive moments of any in Oregon. Just above Brookings is a warren of trails and coves surrounded by dense forest. It’s a lot to take in folks can spend a week getting . And north of that are more expansive of the rough cut beaches, Gold and Meyers River, barely inhabited spots trimmed with dunes and native grasses and the iconic coastal rock outcrops.

Natural Bridges Viewpoint
A solo adventurer wanders along the seascape arch, takes in the amber glow.
Above Arch Rock
Sunset, Secret Beach
Meyers Creek Beach, Sunset
A flush of native grass in the dunes waves in the evening light.
Meyers Creek Beach #2
Pink Clouds and the Curve of Flowing Water
After sunset and there’s a glimpse of those wispy clouds in the tidal stream. A beach tone poem

Central Oregon Coast

The coastal area from the Newport area down to Yachats has one cool photo location after another. Yaquina and Heceta Head, the lighthouses that guard that rough-edged coast, are worth a photo walkabout. Seal Rock Rec area is worth experiencing at sunrise or sunset. Round it all off with the views from Cape Perpetua and the iconic Thor’s Well. It’s good stuff.

Yaquina Head Sunset
… And a profusion of wildflowers dance in the evening breeze.
Yaquina Seascape
… When there’s a wide canvas like you see at Yaquina, a pano is the only choice. The expansiveness also helps to evoke the peace of this place.
Yaquina Head looking south
Seal Rock Recreational Area
Thor’s Well Sunset
… The best view of this iconic tidal pool comes at high tide. That’s also when you’ll want to wear water-resistant apparel. Here, I’m trying to frame the Thor’s mark on nature within the coastal context.
Evening, Heceta Head Viewpoint
…There is no lighthouse along the Coast more beautifully connected to the landscape than Heceta. This particular viewpoint on it is just a quick road pulloff with cars popping in for a minute to grab a quick shot. But take some time here to take it all in, it’s worth it.
Sunset, Heceta Lighthouse
… Heceta is such an engaging head. It sits there with a sprinkling of tiny buildings, the lighthouse keeper’s cottage being down the path. And you can even head up the hill a bit and are engaging with the rocky coast from the lighthouse’s POV.
Pulloff Below Heceta Head
… My biggest surprise on this trip was how expansive the beaches could get– and how beautifully these expansive vistas were framed by nature’s green edging.

Images of Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, First Night
Cannon Beach After Sunset
Haystack, Final Evening
Sunset Show, Cannon Beach

Hug Point morning
Silver Point Overlook
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